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We find the best ones out of the mass of suppliers. Independent and qualified businessmen from Austria and the surrounding neighbouring countries support you.
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Our Concept

We arrange professional Subcontractors with trading license!

Our subcontractors are independent businessmen with experience and checked references and work for you on the basis of square meters and supply. No matter whether short or long orders, we take care that our qualified Subcontractors join you quickly and reliably in dealing with your projects.

We are specialized in the sectors construction industry, tiler/plumber, electronic industry, HLKS (heating, ventilation, climate, sanitary), bricklayer, locksmith, joiner, carpenter etc. We are proud of our long-standing customer relationships that connect us with workshops, medium-sized enterprises and corporations.

We also arrange Freelancer from the IT and Technology sector. Individual businesses support you in any business sector. You have the requirements, we have the specialists. Contact us with your special enquiry.

Take advantage of our network!

Our Service

Searching for suitable Subcontractors is usually very time consuming.

Finding potential Subcontractors takes a lot of time and, as a consequence, also resources: Enquiries, qualification conversations, checking of the reliability and liquidity, price fixings etc. Among thousands of possible Subcontractors only a handful of good and suitable candidates remain. Then only the testing begins.

You needn’t meet that challenge on your own! Take advantage of our network and receive good Subcontractors fast and reliable. Our cooperations with our Subpartners have been lasting for years, the quality of these companies fits 100%.

Because they know what they are doing!

Selected Subcontractors

We only cooperate with best ones!

Our Subpartners are companies with which we have already been cooperating for years, we have successfully dealt may projects with them. They have their own company vehicle as well as industry-standard tools. They convince with excellent quality, flexibility, customer satisfaction and competitive prices. Give it a try!

Besides our long-term partners we also constantly recruit new Subpartners – for all different sectors. Just ask for it! Of course, they must fulfil all quality criteria. After successfully finishing an order they are finally judged by their contractors. That’s how a new Subpartner turns into a permanent one.

Our feedback is our best argument!


Put our service to the acid test!

We appear as mediators. Our Subpartner and you sign a service contract that has been prepared and thoroughly checked by us. Then our Subpartner works for you, without instruction, on square meters or on offer. There are no commitment periods or the like.

We also care about all formalities that are required for the cross-border service of a Subcontractor. You don’t need to worry about anything, we make sure that everything goes off in conformity with the law. For you as customer our services are free!


Fast - Competent - Reliable


So funktioniert unsere Vermittlung

You have orders? Send us your inquiry. We will contact you with a concrete offer. Usually you are provided several Subcontractors and are able to select the one you prefer.

You conclude a service contract, that has been checked by us, with the Subcontractor. Of course, all of our Subpartners have their own company vehicle as well as industry-standard tools.

Fulfilment of the contract: I the quality of the Subcontractor’s job performance doesn’t meet your requirements, we arrange another independent businessman for you. Your satisfaction is our prime objective.

Payment: For you as our client our service is free. It is directly settled with our Subpartners. You receive the ivoice directly from the Subcontractor.



Legislative Jungle - we help!


With us you always work in conformity with the law!

Both, as a customer as well as a contractor, you must know and take into consideration a variety of laws. In addition to the EU guidelines there are also country-specific regulations. We help you find a way out of the permanently changing legislative jungle and provide you with checked contracts, available for both parties. Of course, also the liability question is an important one.

Moreover, we inform you about current amendments of the law and immediately work these into our contracts. So you can rest assured that you always work in conformity with the law. If there should once be problems or inquiries from authorities, we support you with our tax consultants and lawyers. You can count on our experience also in this area.

Overview Laws

A brief summary


Why independent Subcontractors? – Independent Subcontractors vs. Temporary Work
Many of our customers couldn’t achieve the desired results with ‘normal’ temporary workers. Independent Subcontractors, however, convince with their attractive price-performance ratio, their constructive and entrepreneurial attitude to work and the many years of experience gained in their field of expertise.

Professional Service
Our Service of providing Subcontractors helps you to fast and easily bridge staff shortfalls, furthermore you can book our Subpartners for long-term orders and include them in your strategic personnel planning. Our experienced employees guarantee the quality of our service.

We make sure that organization and administration run smoothly
We provide you with our complete legal instrument for the smooth handling of the order. Moreover, regular controls guarantee the quality of our Subpartners. If you are once not satisfied with a Subcontractor, there are no commitment periods – We send you another independent Subpartner.


No Cost - No Risk

No Cost   -   No Risk!


We are looking forward to your orders!

You wish to receive more information or have any question? We answer promptly!
Send us your request, we contact you with a concrete offer.
We are pleased to call you back and answer your questions in a personal conversation.
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